Backups; We Don’t Need Any Stinkin’ Backups!

Imagine this for a moment… your company loses every transaction that has been recorded for the past 2 months; new customers, job history, invoice history, payroll, bank deposits…EVERYTHING. A couple of weeks ago this is exactly what happened to one of the companies using SuccessWare®21 when they had a server failure and their last good backup was a couple of months old. Try to picture the scene of being told by your IT guy, “sorry, its all gone”.

We’ll wait a second for you to run toyour server to see if they have valid backups, or call your IT guy and asked if you were being performed. Everything all set? Great.

In one of those “why couldn’t this have come out a couple of months earlier moments” a co-worker of mine forwarded me an article last week from Information Week that addressed Small Businesses and the reasons they fail to perform backups. In that article I read 2 absolutely AMAZING facts. First, about half of very small businesses have experienced catastrophic, unrecoverable data loss (that’s the scenario I identified up above in case you’re wondering). Second, 57% of small to medium size businesses have NO disaster recovery plan.

The article goes on to list a number of excuses businesses give for their failure to perform backups such as the ever-present “its too expensive” (and losing data isn’t?), “it’ll never happen to me” (50%(!!) see above) and “I forget”. Honestly, the “I forgot” answer is probably the only answer in the article that makes sense, because its the only one the contains a shred of truth.

Read the article I linked and then come up with a plan! If you are using SuccessWare®21 today and you run on your own network, put a backup plan in place. Internet based storage is inexpensive and the backups can be automated. The other option is running SuccessWare®21on the ASP. This web-based delivery option, beyond giving you access to the application from anywhere you have an internet connection, includes automatic hourly backups of your data; a great level of security and piece-of-mind.